Pretty in Petite

I’m coming up on my 25th birthday next month.

And while I’ll be a quarter of a century old, I can’t say that I quite look it. And not just because black don’t crack – I also sit at 4’10” and weigh about 100 pounds. When I was younger I used to wish that I was taller and more curvy. I even used to eat bread all to time because I was told it would make my butt bigger – obviously to no avail! I must say I’ve learned to love my figure and wouldn’t change it for any one else’s in the world.







But that doesn’t mean being petite doesn’t come with its challenges – constant short jokes, being pursued by kids young enough to my children (almost but not really – I’m not that old lol), and struggling to find clothes that don’t look like a potato sack draped over a broom stick. I have yet to find remedies for the first two…

but I’ve developed a few tricks that have helped me to build a wardrobe that expresses my style, personality and creativity – yet still show off my petite figure.

First and foremost is finding those few go-to stores and brands that fit my personal style and produce their clothes in a way that are sure to fit and flatter my figure. Because I’m short and slender, I opt for European clothing retailers like H&M and Zara. European clothing manufacturers generally create clothes that are true to size. Meaning a size 2 is actually a size 2 and not a size 4.



I also take advantage of my size by wearing oversized sweaters, button-ups and t-shirts as dresses or with leggings – especially when pairing them with knee high boots or booties in cold weather. Thrift stores are the perfect place to find these pieces – and I tend to shop across the men’s, women’s and children’s aisles for oversized tops. I also love the maternity section of Target for this. Yes, I said it – I shop the maternity section!

I’ve found a few stores that have great petite dedicated departments, like Anne Taylor LOFT and Old Navy, or have XXS / 00 sizes, like GAP, that carry clothing to perfectly fit my short legs and torso. Every now and again I’ll find pieces that are simply too big, but in general, these stores have pieces for any petite person.





Lastly – LET’S. TALK. SHOES!

Shoes are without a doubt the most difficult article of clothing for me to find. I wear a size 5 shoe. But it seems as if most brands predominately manufacture sizes between 6 and 8. So Steve Madden must be heaven sent for us petite ladies and lads. He is one of the few designers that doesn’t forget that there are indeed adults in the world with children’s sized feet. That’s why Steve Madden is my go-to brand for modern, trendy, well made shoes.

In addition, Old Navy, Target and Gap can also carry small shoes. Sometimes I can even finesse a size 6 from these stores.










Jumpsuit Dress  |  Size XS  |  ZARA (similar)

Shoes  |  Size 6  |  OLD NAVY (2 seasons ago)

 Bracelets  |  LINE COMING SOON!

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