Spring Has Officially Sprung

I love Spring. A time when you can witness nature changing so vividly and intentionally. It’s a time of growth; and for me a time reflect on my own personal growth. They say if you are not growing you are dying. And while physical growth occurs naturally, mental and spiritual growth are not so innate. It takes a certain level of conscious effort and personal dedication in order to mature beyond just what the eye can see. But, to me, the hardest part about growing is not the amount of work it takes. I personally enjoy hard work. It is more about the inevitable relationship between growth and uncertainty; constant growth equals constant change, and constant change equals a constant level of uncertainty. So how does a go-by-the-books planner like myself cope with uncertainty, as to never stifle my own personal growth? Read on to find out!


First, I surround myself with things that comfort and inspire me. Something as simple as the aromatherapy from my favorite candles or a bouquet of flowers has the ability to soothe my mind, calm my spirit, and allow for mental clarity. For you it may be a particular musician or photographer’s work that inspires you. Find those simple yet important things that center your mind and balance out the uncertainty with a little bit of comfort.

Second, I have hobbies that allow for a mental, emotional, and physical escape. Some think it is better to face your problems immediately. I prefer to take a vacation first. At times it may not be a literal vacation; rather some hobby that takes me to my “happy place.” As of late, blogging, photography, and traveling have become my personal vices for a quick escape. Pursue meaningful activities that serve as your outlet and transcend you on a natural high.

Third, I constantly learn from my family and friends. One of the biggest opponents of uncertainty is knowledge. Uncertainty is most certainly certain, but it is what you do in times of uncertainty that determines if you will fail or succeed. As you grow and encounter new experiences, if you have already learned from those who have lived through them, you are already halfway through the battle.

Lastly, I let go and let God. I understand that I am a small part of a much bigger plan. One that I am mentally incapable of ever fully grasping. But because I am ultimately here for a purpose that no one else can fulfill, I know have the ability to grow through any circumstance. It is that simple, yet profoundly true.


Outfit Details:
Classic Oxford White Shirt – Old Navy / Vest – Target / Denim – Ann Taylor LOFT / Pointed Flat Sandals – Old Navy / Dooney & Bourke Purse – Vintage / Watch – Nine West / Ring – Madewell


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