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Happy Martin Luther King Day! I was feeling a little chill and boyish on this wonderful four-day weekend, so I pulled out one of my favorite thrifted oversized sweaters. I paired it with my favorite pair of American Eagle boyfriend jeans, and my new favorite sneakers – these navy blue Reebok Classics. Shopping consignment stores is a great way to not just save, but also make money while shopping.


This is because many consignment shops and thrift stores will purchase your old clothes, shoes, and accessories in exchange for store credit or cash. So you can either make a little cash on clothes you no longer wear, or exchange those old clothes for some new and cool thrifted finds. Either way, its a dream come true for a frugal shopaholic like myself. I can essentially recycle the money I’ve already invested into my wardrobe. Before I go shopping, I put together a pile of clothes I no longer wear, and go sell them. Then I use that money to purchase new clothes.


Here are a few consignment selling/trading tips from me to you:

  1. Consignment shops look for merchandise from the current season. So as you’re cleaning house and preparing your looks at the top of each season, put aside those items you’ll no longer be wearing, and take those on over to your nearest consignment shop.
  2. While the cash value they will offer you is normally less than the store credit value, if your looking for extra cash to pay a bill or just to have in your pocket, then take the cash value. However, if you frequently shop that particular thrift store or consignment shop, then take the store credit. You’ll end up saving more money.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if you take a ton of clothes to one store and they only take a few items. These consignment shops can be pretty particular about the merchandise they’re willing to buy, but there are so many out there that you’re bound to sell or trade a good amount.
  4. If selling to consignment shops just doesn’t seem to work for you, then try selling on eBay. Believe it or not, there’s a whole world of people out there who purchase clothes on eBay. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on that market!

Here is a list of some popular places where you can sell your clothes:

  1. Buffalo Exchange // Locations Throughout The U.S.
  2. Plato’s Closet // Locations Throughout the U.S.
  3. Uptown Cheapskate // Locations Throughout the U.S.
  4. Beacon’s Closet // NYC
  5. Rag-O-Rama // Atlanta & Ohio

P.S. Remember to be of service to someone less fortunate this Martin Luther King Day!


Outfit Details:

Oversized Knit Turtleneck Sweater – $7 (consignment)  /  American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans – $9.99 (Marshalls)  /  Navy Blue Reebok Classics – $59.99 $35.99 (40% off Sale @ Urban Outfitters)

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